Help Google Find You

What’s included:

  • SEO Checklist
  • Local SEO Tips


Podcast: Help Google Find You
Blog post: Common Yet Unrealistic SEO Expectations

Video: Help Google Find You

Business Plan Basics

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What’s included:

Local SEO Tips
SEO Checklist

Podcast — Listen Now

What’s in this kit


Everyone knows the best place to look for a dead body is on page 2 of a Google search. Why? Because no one will actually look there. To avoid a fate worse than death, small business owners need to embrace and active SEO strategy that includes: Research, Relevance, Realistic Goals and an emphasis on Revenue, not Rankings

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SEO Checklist – With more than 700,000,000 sites worldwide, how do you claw your way to the front of page one?

Local SEO Tips – Every website should have the basic SEO tools in place. Does yours?


Common Yet Unrealistic SEO Expectations – Search engine optimization (SEO) can drive business owners nuts. The Internet is a tough nut to crack in terms of visibility, and SEO is one of the best ways to help yourself and your business be seen.


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