Would you believe that I’m not even fluent in Spanish with that blog title??

Anyway, I digress. Sad, but it’s true. I will be leaving Roundpeg as of the 19th of January to pursue a career in the nonprofit field of Indianapolis. I worked at a nonprofit last year, and I fell in love. Nonprofits are where I know I need to be, and I’ve realized this recently.

I know, it’s been a short stint, but it’s been amazing. I’ve learned so, so much over the past 6ish months, and I couldn’t have asked for a better first “Big Girl” job. So, let’s get cheesy for a quick minute.

To my coworkers…

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for all the cheese days, walks to the gas station, and day to day jokes.

You guys are nothing short of amazing. Every day here has been hilarious. From our #OHatthepeg, to general goof-ballery, I’ve enjoyed roughly 1000 hours of my life because of you all. You’re all so good at what you do, and wicked smart.

Even though it’s been a short stay, I’m so grateful to have met all of you wonderful people, and can’t wait to see what new websites, logos, and social media strategies you produce over the years.

To Lorraine…

Thank you for taking a chance on me. I will be forever grateful to you for hiring me, and giving me the opportunity to work at such an amazing place.

Under your guidance, I’ve been able to learn so much, build new skills, and hone the skills I already had. Thank you so much for everything you’ve helped me learn.

Thank you for creating an amazing office culture, no day here ever really felt like “work.” I can’t begin to say how much I’ve enjoyed my time here.

To the cats…

Sorry to be leaving you so soon.

Clyde, beat Benny’s ass one of these days. Benny, leave Clyde alone every once in a while.

I’m sure whomever replaces me will give you both plenty of ear scratches, and even the occasional belly rub.

That’s all folks – thanks for everything!