Email newsletters are an important part of any marketing strategy and home service companies are no exception. There are two types of home service companies: Those who provide reoccurring service programs on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis and those which sell products and one time services.

For home service companies which provide recurring services, (like landscaping, pool service, gutter cleaning and  HVAC) email is an awesome way to keep homeowners on schedule for repeat business. Email reminders to schedule appointments offer early season discounts and gift certificates can generate additional revenue opportunities. When used with custom landing pages where customers can pay for and schedule services it can reduce the burden on your office and scheduling team.

In this case, an email list comprised of just former customers will work exceptionally well. But what about firms which sell large, sometimes luxury products such as flooring, countertop material, or pool installation companies? If the majority of the email list for your home service company is made up of previous customers, why continue to send them information about your product?

After all, someone who just purchased new flooring from you isn’t going to be interested in new flooring for several years, if at all. Continuously sending information and price points is a good way to lose the attention and patience of your contact and will quickly land you blocked, reported for spam, or unsubscribed.

So, is it even worth it?

If you are wasting time sending previous customers information about products and specials, is it even worth sending them a newsletter? Of course it is! You just need to shift the focus of your email newsletters. Instead of acting as a way to shorten the sales cycle (the way it works with prospects) think of your emails as a way to continue to stay in the minds of customers and further establish yourself as an authority in the field.

Staying in front of customers, without being pushy, will increase the chances of them referring you to friends and family. So long as they were satisfied with your work the first time around and you have continued to demonstrate your prowess. And, when the day finally comes that they do need your services again, you will likely be their first call.

What kind of content will do the job?

The content you should send to past customers needs to be informative, helpful, or at the very least entertaining. This is where having an active blog really comes into play. As you plan your monthly blogs, keep these types of topics in mind to be able to link to from your newsletters.

You do have a blog, right?

Product care tips

This kind of content should be the easiest for you to write about and by far the most helpful to past customers. Whether you deal in flooring, countertops or whatever it may be, now that it is in your customer’s home they need to maintain it. Blog posts like 5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floors or The Most Common Causes of Furnace Failure are perfect follow-ups to installation and valuable information they won’t be annoyed by seeing in their inboxes.

Employee profiles

Introducing your employees to past customers through bios is also great content for newsletters. If your company offers repairs or inspections, customers may be more comfortable letting your techs into their homes if they’ve had a chance to learn about them beforehand. They may also remember their installer from before and get a kick out of learning the guy who installed their HVAC system also enjoys gardening on the weekends.

Fashion advice

Many, though not all, home service companies pair well with home design blogs. A flooring company, for instance, could write a blog about great paint color pairings with tile in a master bathroom. Window installation services could write a blog about fashionable curtain and covering styles. Like I said, some companies may not have such obvious associations with home design, but with a little creative thinking, you can make that connection.

Your customers have friends

One last thought about your email program. If the articles are interesting and informative, your clients might share the information with a friend or family member. Suddenly your email becomes part of your referral strategy. So keep sending great information, and encouraging people who know and love you to share your information with others.

So, you want to make the most of your home service email newsletters? Like all great things, it starts with blogging.

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