When you’re in the market for a new logo, the best rule of thumb is to practice safe design: always use a concept.

Each industry has their own values and visual concepts to communicate similar core values: trustworthiness, professionalism, competence. These are all ways of saying if you decide to go with us, use our product or eat at our restaurant, your money will be well-spent. Or in the case of fast-food, you know what to expect.

When it comes to service industries, expertise, professionalism, and trustworthiness are paramount. You’re customers are quite literally inviting a stranger into their home under the pretense of fixing a problem and not peeking in the medicine cabinet.

Along with building trust, logos need to effectively communicate what the business does in a matter of seconds. When a contractor’s truck rolls by,  you should be able to tell whether they’re going to build something, fix a pipe, or check air ducts.

However, it seems all heating and air conditioning companies are using the brand guides, or at least the same color palette. They make your home hot or cold, so red and blue are an obvious correlation to their business. Or to the symbols on your faucet.

Such homogeny creates an incredible opportunity for a contractor to stand out. When every other business in your industry uses the same colors, choosing a different palette communicated you’re different.

But you don’t want to be different just to be different. Colors have meanings associated with them.  So once you have your logo design, turn your attention to the colors and what they will convey about your business to your target market.


Refreshingly Modern

This color palette isn’t too far of a stretch from a traditional HVAC logo. It uses colors adjacent to the typical red and blue scheme. But, with a little modification, it says something entirely different than a standard red and blue flame.

Orange and blue are complementary colors, so the orange really pops off of the blue background. Paired with a thin font, this logo says “we have great expertise with all of your up-to-date gadgets. Except the Nest. No one knows how those are supposed to work.”



Environmentally Safe

Green is always a great choice for a logo because of its friendly nature and feel-good connotations. This logo says “if you go with us, we will use sustainable practices to minimize harm to the environment.”

The caveat being, you probably should be using sustainable practices if you use green in your logo. Just don’t spill boatloads of gallons of oil into the ocean and you’ll be fine.


We’re Too Cool for You

This logo might be better for a business that specializes in air conditioning installation and maintenance. So probably a better choice in southern markets where cooling services rule.

This business caters to a younger crowd, those affluent, educated millennials who are willing to try something different from the guy their parents have always used. Or an audience which has moved to a new city and have only the brand and internet reviews to go by.

Like green, purple can also be a friendly color while still conveying professionalism. And it will definitely stand out to all the new home owners in your area.


Your Dad’s Business Rebranded

This logo brings us back to a comparatively staid HVAC logo palette, but it still looks fresh. The green gives a nod to the environment, and orange breathes some life into the logo.

This logo makes it look like the business could have started a few years ago or been around for decades, which is the hallmark of a timeless, trustworthy brand.

,As always, when considering a logo for your business, consult your local designer to learn what’s right for you. Do your research into what competitors are doing and look for an opportunity to differentiate yourself, build your strategy and branding around it.

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