Like resumés, so many of us avoid polishing our LinkedIn pages until we’re on the hunt for a job. There’s an abundance of official LinkedIn dos and don’ts, along with the unwritten rules. 

While gifs and memes have never been beholden to earning an income (lucky bastards) just for fun, we considered what their LinkedIn profiles might look like if they needed to look good for a potential boss.

Editors Note:  You can’t actually use Gifs in your LinkedIn profile, but oh how we wish you could. 

dance li3 1
sarahsanders 3

Past Experience:  Reality Television Contestant, RA, Captain of Smalltown University Cheer Squad for 2 years

Recent Activity:  Scrolling through her phone when no one’s looking, keeping her selfie game strong, and plenty of self-care techniques including five-minute dance parties, vitamin D and rescuing plants.

Featured Skills and Endorsements:  That selfie game though, always fresh and on point.

tea gif view li

Past Experience:  Professional Muppet, Musician (Banjo)

Recent Activity:  Spilling that hot gossip straight into your lap

Featured Skills and Endorsements:  Knows more than you, and probably more than you’ll ever care to know.

grumpcat li

Past Experience:  Chair Warmer

Recent Activity:  Extensive naps, licking, absolutely not caring at all nor putting up with your tomfoolery

Featured Skills and Endorsements:  Litter box trained, excellent communication skills

LinkedIn Inspiration

So what do you think? Did today’s little bit of fun inspire you to go back and look at your LinkedIn profile?  Maybe add a bit of personality, update your photo or request a testimonial? 

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