All week we have been sharing tips to get you #holidayready. We hope you have found a few ideas you can put into practice right away. But there are only five days in the week, and we have lots of other great holiday marketing tips to share, so here is a roundup from our archive with even more great suggestions. Consider it an early holiday gift from your friends at the ‘Peg.

Get ready for the holidays by setting goals, reviewing your history and planning ahead. 

Get Ready for the Holidays

Use strong graphics and original photography to stand out. You are not the only company vying for attention in your customer’s inbox. You have to look good if you want to stand out. One way to do that is with unique visuals, such as graphics designed just for your team or original photography.  

While this is true all year long, it is especially important during the holidays, when everyone is going to the same stock photo library, selecting the same images of gift wrapped boxes and holiday wreaths.

Making an Effective Holiday Email Blast

Don’t wait until the first week in November to start writing blog posts. Spend an hour to brainstorm topics now and collect images and links. Have the blog posts scheduled and ready to go. Guest author Alan Grainger had a few great tips on things to consider as you are planning out your holiday marketing content.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Business Content this Holiday Season

Let’s face it, with all the holiday buzz, it is easy to get distracted.  Peter put together a great outline to plan out your holiday season with links to articles and resources you can use to slide through the holidays, pain-free. 

Holiday Hangover Survival Guide (for businesses)

As you browse through some of these blog posts, or any of the content we have shared all week long, one theme emerges, START EARLY! Go grab a copy of our Holiday Marketing Kit. It is filled with resources you can use to map out your holiday marketing plan. Sit down away from your office, maybe at your favorite coffee shop or on your porch with a nice glass of wine, or beer of you prefer, and start making notes.   

Brainstorm ideas for promotions. Make it a long list. Don’t worry if the ideas aren’t necessarily practical or possible. Sometimes a crazy idea leads you to something that is creative, but not crazy at all. Later, when you are back at your desk, review the ideas. Toss out the ones which won’t work, and select a few to implement. Make a list of the resources you will need and get to work. Starting early will give you time to plan and execute the idea correctly.  

Be sure to save your entire list. Use that list as a starting point for next year. 

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