Do you do a count down when you’re waiting for something that you’re excited about? Do you do it in increments of days? Hours? Minutes? You’re not alone. By utilizing social media to build momentum, gaining the anticipation that can be key to immediate success, hopefully your supporters will be excited by what you’ve worked hard for. Whether you’re excited by music, technology, sales or simply the weekend, I surmise that you’re counting down for something, too. You are doing great work, no matter your product or industry and you too can create and build that very same hype within those around you. 

Silver Screen Magic

Have you been excited about an upcoming movie this year? You’re not alone. From Dunkirk to Wonder Woman, it is important to draw in viewers by enticing them through previews. Having that small sample of what is to come – without giving too much away! – is key to building anticipation. With a preview, people have the opportunity to get excited about what is to come. 

This kind of strategy can be applied to your business as it grows and develops. How you market yourself can help people become excited about what you’re working on; you have the potential to make people excited.

Shake it Off

With an increasing number of popular musical artists releasing their albums without so much as a moment’s notice, it may sound interesting to release something just as quickly. Unfortunately, we are not all Beyoncé, and what works for her does not always work for everyone else. And whether you love her or hate her, there is something to be said about Taylor Swift’s album release strategy. The way her latest music is released more closely resembles that of the good ol’ days: her next full album is being released on November 10, 2017, but she is releasing singles every few weeks to keep listener’s interest piqued. The added time between initial announcement allows for her fans to develop their excitement into a frenzy the day before the actual release of the final product.

By creating intrigue, you will draw the attention of people. Social media is such a powerful tool and just sharing brief previews of what is to come can allow people to give feedback. Utilizing this feedback can allow you to anticipate how your work will be received. You can always make changes to your strategy as you go. While you may not have the literal millions of fans that the aforementioned musicians have, this strategy could certainly allow you to gain a following of fans, no matter the size.

Your Turn

It is valuable to gather a bit of momentum before creating something. Do you have a new idea for your business or product? Consider trying out these strategies to garner hype and support for what you’re working on behind the scenes. You can even work on creating a content calendar to plan your latest, greatest release, so thinking about the future of your business doesn’t have to be so hard. 

It is your decision to chart the direction of your business, but developing a marketing plan to help launch your product can be key to your success.