melHello there! My name is Melanie (Mel, if you know me well enough), and I’m the newest edition to the Roundpeg crew. I will be specializing in both web design and coffee consumption. Interested in getting to know a city gal with a penchant for trivia and singing in the car? You’re in the right place!

Way, Way Back

I grew up in south-side of Chicago, where I was raised by my mother and my Irish-immigrant grandparents. I take great pride in my heritage, as a Chicago native and as an Irish citizen.

Following grade school, I moved to a northwest suburb of the Windy City to start high school in a more friendly environment, as the south-side of the city has a less-than-savory reputation. I went from city gal to marching band nerd in Mount Prospect overnight. I’ve played the saxophone, bassoon, and tuba in various ensembles throughout my school days; in fact, I have traveled to Orlando, Atlanta, St. Louis, and more just to play my heart out. Experiencing live music is one of my greatest passions, and I’m happy listening to pop punk, classical, and so much more.

After high school, I took my talents to Butler University, so while I love my feline co-workers, I am a Dawg at heart.

Getting Closer

My collegiate career brought me more wonderful experiences than I can even speak about in one blog post. I spent my academic years trying to figure out which of my passions I wanted to follow next. While it may have taken me an extra year to get my bachelor’s degree, that does not mean that I was anything less than busy. I’ve worn the hats of: resident assistant, front desk assistant, basketball band member, committee co-chair, public relations officer, and more. My friends occasionally poke fun at the myriad of majors I briefly pursued before landing on web design, but I’d like to think that shows how well-rounded I am.

I spent my summers following my heart to opportunities outside of the Midwest. In the summer of 2015, I worked in Shanghai, China as a corporate social responsibility intern for a hospital. The next summer, I worked in Melbourne, Florida as an intern for my favorite non-profit organization, To Write Love on Her Arms. I love traveling and exploring new places and opportunities.

I just graduated from Butler University this past May with a degree in Interactive Media and a minor in Computer Science.

Up to Speed

Up until assuming my new identity as a ‘Pegger, I donned a green apron every day. That’s right, I was a barista at Starbucks. I can sling coffee with the best of them. Many people are very particular about their coffee, and I am no different. I am just about as calm as they come, so even with customers yelling about their iced venti coconut milk cappuccino with whip and caramel drizzle, I always keep smiling.

Currently, I live in Carmel with my girlfriend Sam, friend Phil, and cat Chief Beans. I love going to trivia nights at bars, and while I may not be competitive, I strive to use my seemingly-useless trivial knowledge as often as possible. If you’re interested in joining my trivia team, you can hit me up on Twitter at @No1_LikeGaston.

Ultimately, I love telling and listening to stories, and that is my goal as I start my career at Roundpeg. I want to help people tell their stories and share their experiences in effective ways, whether that be through web design, social media, or marketing. And I am looking forward to doing that here.