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Ten years ago a friend introduced me to WordPress and it changed my life. Well, maybe not my life, but at least my business.

Back then, the majority of websites were built page by page. It was tedious and time-consuming. And, once the site was done, the process of making changes was fairly difficult. The high cost of building and maintaining these old style websites was a significant barrier for many small businesses,

Then along came WordPress websites and everything changed. Here was a web building tool that was easy to work with, and easy for even relative novices to work with to make simple updates. It wasn’t long before we started using WordPress for our web design projects.

Those early WordPress websites were fairly rudimentary. The themes were limited, everything looked a little boxy but we were excited to be building simple, professional looking websites which our clients could update and manage on their own. 

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Over the years we have built hundreds of websites with WordPress. We are not alone in our love of this tool. Today more than 26% of all websites are built with WordPress. Part of the reason for the growth in popularity has been the continued evolution of the platform. We have seen an increase in design options, mobile responsive features, an explosion of themes and theme vendors. 

Since those early days, our skills have grown as well. Today we can offer clients a wide range of custom options for their websites. (You can see more examples of our web designs in our portfolio)  Pages are longer, with interesting motion graphics, videos, rotating images and parallax effects. Each internal page is different. We are no longer locked into one layout throughout the website. 

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Early on, we found Elegant Themes and stayed with them because their code was solid, their designs were beautiful and their support forums were great. When they introduced their Divi framework which brought together all the design elements we loved, we were fans.  

Designing a WordPress website is easier than ever with these new drag and drop tools. But what I love best about Divi is how easy it is for the average small business owner to edit and maintain their own websites. We can build beautiful, complex designs, and then teach anyone how to add pages, new images, video, text and more. But don’t take my word for it. Check out this tutorial Peter put together to step clients through the update process.  

And when you are done watching, give us a call and let’s talk about converting your website to Divi.