What Your Score Means

Total Score: 9 or Higher

Congratulations! Your website is up to date, well-populated with interesting content and constantly evolving for the better. You’re ahead of the curve, but don’t get  lazy. No website is ever completely finished and it takes ongoing upkeep to stay competitive.

Total Score Between 5-9

While you’re doing a lot of things right, it still looks like your website could use improvement. We know it’s tough to take care of your digital presence when it takes all of your energy just to run a business, but the effort is absolutely worth it.

Total Score Less than 5

You’ve probably let this issue go a bit too long. It’s time to get back on the train and update your website. It’s going to take effort and time to catch back up and compete on the web, but you’ll never get there without taking the first steps.

Whatever your score, you can always improve.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Last update: If your site is more than 2 years old it is unlikely it includes many of the features (including mobile responsiveness) visitors have come to expect. And even if it looks fine, the outdated architecture may make it difficult for search engines to properly index your site, reducing the chances you will show up in popular searches. Want to learn more? Download our web design guide.

Blog:  Having trouble starting your blogging program?  Check out our blogging guide for simple tips you can use right away.

Recent activity:  Do you have trouble updating your blog regularly? Our content calendar may be just what you need.

Analytics Installed:  You have your analytics installed, now what? This blog post on finding the right prescription for your web traffic woes is worth a quick read.

Download or lead caputre landing page –  These pages should be a part of an inbound marketing program which shifts the emphasis from pushing information at people to content which pulls interested people to your website. Trying to figure out if an inbound approach makes sense for you? Check out our inbound marketing budget worksheet. ”

5 – 10 Keywords used in page titles and descriptions – Focusing your content around a set of keywords makes it easier for search engines to deliver your web pages to searchers.  Pick a few key terms and use them in page titles and meta descriptions.

Make changes and conduct the audit again. 

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