Shorten Your Sales Cycle


Stop chasing sales and use auto response campaigns

People don’t become customers overnight.

In every sales conversation, a client must decide if you are the right choice.

Auto-response campaigns help answer the question:

“Why should I buy from you?”


Typically they start out as a casual conversation at a networking event or a random visitor to your website.  Your objective is to move those casual connections through your sales funnel, converting them to leads, customers and ultimately raving fans.

That all sounds great, but who has the time to reach out to every lead as soon as they express even a casual interest, remind every prospect of what you proposed, and reconnect with every client with important updates and annual messages?

Automate your marketing

The good news is you can do all that with auto response campaigns which work automatically while you focus on your business.  They do what YOU wish you had the time to do!



  • There are three main pieces to a comprehensive auto response program.
  • How to use web content to drive traffic
  • How to create an offer which captures leads
  • What to send in the follow up to transform the casual visitor into a qualified prospect or better yet a customer.