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A web page is a web page is a web page, right? Well not exactly. While the core foundation structure of most websites is fairly similar: (Home, About, Products/Services, Blog, Contact Us) they vary greatly in the execution of those details. Those differences in the web pages are driven by industry-specific requirements and individual company branding.  

We look at lots of websites, to see what’s new and how different industries or companies apply new web design trends to their individual sites. Comparing multiple sites in the same industry gives us a way to look for best in category solutions we can build into our next design.  

It is summer in Indianapolis so our attention turns to concerts, farmer’s markets and summer movies. Over the last few weeks we have taken a closer look at groups of web pages in these categories.  Here’s a quick summary of some of the lessons we learned along the way.   

Entertainment Venues

Music lover Sam wrote a two-part series on the good and bad of local event venue websites. What he discovered was the best venue sites focused on more than the music. They helped visitors envision the experience of attending a concert at their facility.

The lesson: When you are selling a product people can get elsewhere (like online music or another venue) you have to focus on what makes you different. In the case of these venues, it is the lovely outdoor setting or the cool historic building. Make sure your website is focused on what makes you different.  

To learn more read one or both of the blog posts and check out the podcast on the same topic. 


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Movie Websites

Peter took at look at 10 of the new movies coming out this summer. Making no judgment about the quality of the movie, he shared his thoughts on why the sites were or weren’t effective. Unlike a business, these websites have a very short lifespan so they have to get it right the first time. 

Lesson: There are ten movies and ten lessons. You will have to read Peter’s post to get all ten, but one that is true for websites in many industries was his comment on the power of using faces to show emotion, draw people in and encourage conversion. 

Restaurant Websites

All that wonderful summer fun is making me hungry, so next up let’s look at a few restaurants.  For this comparison I picked three new local places to compare. I viewed all the websites on mobile, because that’s how people look for restaurants. They aren’t making a decision from their desktop, they are out and about wondering where they should go to eat.

Lesson: While there are lots of frills you can add to your website, there are several things you have to get right: Great photos, menus and pricing, directions, hours and phone number.  

Take a look at three new places in Indy and tell me what you think.   

Delicious Web Sites

Farmer’s Market Websites

And when you are tired of eating out, summer is a great time for eating in. Where do you buy the best supplies for your dinner? At a farmer’s market of course.  Indianapolis has lots of great markets, but I am prejudiced, I love the Broad Ripple one best of all. Not only do I love the market, but I really like their website too. 

See how they stack up against markets around the Midwest. 

4 Farmers Market Websites to Learn From

Final lesson: Like a restaurant these sites must look good on mobile. As visitors come to the site the first things they want to see are the basics: where, when and how to get there. Photography helps to round out the site, set the scene and gives visitors landmarks to know they have arrived. 

Enjoy the summer!

Take in the sites and sounds of summer, and spend some time browsing web pages so you can plan your own website redesign.