SocialMedia Personality Cover

Personality and the human connection is so important for your social media profile. Day after day social media is becoming a great place to advertise and gain new customers for your business, but it is important to not forget what makes social media so great. Since the beginning, social media, just like the internet, has been about connecting people and making the world a smaller place. A lot of the time, businesses will get so caught up in trying to sell their product that they forget about the human element and connecting. People are not on social media to buy products but to discover and interact with their community. You can make your business less formal by adding personality into social media.

In 2017 when someone discovers a new business or new product, one of the first places they look is that company’s Facebook profile. Well what does this show them? They can immediately see the reviews, what other customers are saying in the comments, and they can learn more about the company’s personality. This instantly establishes a human element to the brand and makes the consumer feel more connected with the company.

You will discover that the more you develop your brand, the more you will gain customers who are evangelists for your brand. The evangelists are the people that interact most with your posts and are always recommending your company to all of their friends. These are the people you want and newcomers will most likely see their comments when coming to your page. The evangelists are not as relevant to the rest of my post, but I point them out because they are just as much the face and personality of the brand as you are. 

Office Parties or Activities

Sometimes company profiles can seem very robotic and you can forget that real human beings work for them. Showing off parties can be a great way for your customer to learn more about the people behind the door and feel more connected with the company. One of our clients that is really good at showing off their personality is Chapman Heating & Air Conditioning. Along with the business oriented daily posts that I make for them, they share their own posts of office parties or fun work activities. These posts get far better engagement and really help to add more personality to their company.

Share Inspiring Stories

Maybe you have someone who has worked for the company for 20 years or you have a customer who has been loyal to your brand since the very beginning. These make for very encouraging posts that people are more willing to share and it gives the human element and personality to the company. For example, here is a post from the biggest franchise in the world. With over 64 million people that like their page, it would not be surprising to see how much engagement their posts receive. What is surprising is this recent post that got more likes than any other post in the last month. A very encouraging and inspirational story that hones in that personality and provides a human element to the brand.

If you are going to improve your business social media, make sure you are helping to add personality to the brand with these helpful tips. Roundpeg is a marketing strategy company that can help you plan a strategy and build your company’s personality. Working for Roundpeg, I work on many different social media accounts. I can show off the brand’s personality through my copy and content, but to get more of that human element it is really important that it is a collaborative effort and you go into it with a strategy.

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