It’s hard for me to believe that my internship here at the ‘Peg has come to an end! Over the past three months I’ve had such a great time getting to know everyone on the Roundpeg team (yes, including Benny and Clyde), meeting great clients and learning that writing only gets easier with lots and lots of practice.

I am leaving my internship at Roundpeg with invaluable experience, wonderful memories and some important marketing lessons.

Email Marketing Works

Spend a day at Roundpeg and you know that email marketing really does work. You just need to know your audience and have the right strategy. When I started this internship I had little experience using email marketing tools and now I’ve used both Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. Overall I’ve learned to keep emails short and sweet, and if your email sounds like it was written by a  human being, you might actually get better results.

Blogging is a Must

Blogging wasn’t on my radar before I came to Roundpeg. None of my marketing classes to date had explored this topic. Now that I’ve dipped my toes into the world of blogging, I cannot go back. I really enjoy writing and reading various blogs posts, and now understand the work and effort that goes into each one. 

Interning at Roundpeg has given me some much-needed writing experience but I’m still learning. I’ve learned a few things along the way that has hopefully improved my writing (even just a little). I hope to continue to write and maybe even create a blog of my own. Only practice makes perfect.

Create Relationships with Clients

One thing I’ve loved about Roundpeg is the relationships everyone builds with clients. All our clients are treated like family. We pick up the phone on the first ring and we have face-to-face meetings. Clients are encouraged to call anytime there is a problem. It’s just a really great way to run a business. Working with various clients and attending client meetings helped introduce me to agency work. Constantly having new projects or tasks keeps me on your toes. And I have to say I like it!

Strategy Meetings are Valuable

I have really enjoyed Roundpeg strategy meetings. The idea of meeting every week to talk about internal strategy was new to me. Everyone has a say and can voice opinions. Having that kind of voice as an intern was amazing! I could ask questions and get to learn how a marketing agency markets themselves (which is still a really interesting concept to me). Hearing Lorraine talk about new LinkedIn strategies or looking at competitor’s web design practices was really an eye opening experience.

Cheese Day

No questions asked, Cheese Day was the favorite day of every month during my internship, I believe everyone should have a Cheese Day. It’s just too good not to have. I will be sad to no longer have this in my life.

Thank you to everyone at Roundpeg for this great experience! My marketing internship ’ve had an amazing three months as a Marketing Intern at Roundpeg. 

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