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It is almost time to close the books on 2016. It doesn’t matter if it was a good, bad or mediocre year, everything starts over now. 

As you turn the page of your calendar, you have a chance for a fresh start. 2017 can be awesome if you are willing to make changes, learn new things, let go old strategies which aren’t working and embrace new tools and new ideas. 

Now is the time to take the first step on the path to being awesome: Learn something new. And don’t wait till the year gets under way to make decisions about what you need to learn. The month of January will fly by.

Register for 2017 Indianapolis Marketing Seminars

Make a decision today to implement a training program which will set you up for success. The list of marketing information you need is quite long, so pick the topics which will make the biggest impact and dive in.

We have put together a seminar schedule to answer the marketing questions and challenges you are facing now. So grab a seat in one or all of these short sessions and get ready to be awesome in 2017.

About the Indianapolis Marketing Seminars 

Here are brief descriptions of each of the programs and links to companion workshops when they are available. And if you aren’t based in Indianapolis or the times aren’t convenient, don’t worry. We offer webinar versions of almost all our programs. 

Getting Started with Email

New to Email Marketing?   Then join us for this live, guided demonstration on the tools and features inside Constant Contact’s email marketing system. In this time-efficient, highly practical one hour session, you will learn the basics so you can get going with your own email marketing,

Marketing by the Numbers 

Good marketing is about the numbers.  Discover how to connect your marketing investments to lead generation results.  We will look at the impact of referrals on your advertising budget and the lifetime value of a customer

Workbook: The Marketing Budget Package

Start with Your Customer

Everyone is not your customer. You will actually close more sales with less marketing if you narrow the focus. In this session, we will look at how to define your target customers, and create narrowly focused marketing to attract, inform and convert these qualified prospects.

Workbook: Find Your Target Customer 

Website Tune-Up

You didn’t set out to create a website people hate, but all too often that is exactly what happens.  In this session you will discover the most common mistakes business owners make in the design of their websites. 

Web Update Kit

Blogging Basics – How to Connect with Content 

This seminar will teach you the time-saving tips, techniques, and yes, even apps that will help your content – and the way you share it – succeed! 

You’ll learn how to:  Create, curate and extend in ways which help you achieve your goals. We’ll discuss how many links create the most engagement, how to turn questions into attention-grabbing subject lines and share tips on using graphics, pictures and videos.  

Workbook: Blogging Basics

Drive New Business With Social Media

You know you should be on social media for your business or non-profit. You know it can help you drive more new and repeat business for your organization. But, do you know why?

Do you know which social media platform will have the biggest bang for your buck? And when you start your profile, do you know what to say and how to grow your following? This session will answer all of those questions and more!

Workbook: Social Media Starter Kit

Email Success

When customers and prospects open your email what do they see? Are they bored or motivated to action? This powerful seminar takes you step-by-step through the keys to effective email marketing: What it really is, what it can do for your business and the five easy steps you must take to harness the power of the inbox.

Workbook: 6 Steps to Email Success

Automate Your Marketing

If you sent the same information over and over, such as welcome emails, anniversary greetings or follow-ups to proposals, then autoresponse campaigns may be just what you are looking for so simplify your business.  

This seminar will show you how these campaigns work, and when they make sense We’ll also cover dos and don’ts, show a sample autoresponder calendar, and share real case studies of success with autoresponder campaigns. 

Workbook: Shorten Your Sales Cycle.

Wrap it Up with Analytics

Discover the reports and digital marketing analytic tools you can use to gather the insight and key info you need to succeed. Then learn how to use the information.

This informative series of  Indianapolis marketing seminars are produced by Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design and digital marketing firm.

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