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Roundpeg is a WordPress shop.

Editors note, April 2020: Roundpeg is still a WordPress shop. Our thought is, why overcomplicate your web design?

We would prefer to create an easily manageable website that we can hand off to our clients rather than confusing with code. Why?

Some clients work with us because they’re specifically looking for WordPress web design. They already know WordPress is great for small business web design and want to work with a firm familiar with the platform. With more than 8 years of practice and hundreds of sites built on this platform, we are a good fit.

Some clients choose Roundpeg for our close, personal working style. Or the cats. In that case, we get to introduce them to the wide world of WordPress. That conversation often starts like this: “So, why WordPress?”

Great question. Let me tell you.

Lay the Groundwork For Winning Web Design

Small businesses are hard to run. I work in one and I see how much time my boss spends to make sure both employees and customers are well cared for. The same goes for many of the small business owners I make websites for. Because they’re so busy running the show, they need a website that can keep up. They need a website designed to flex, grow, and last.

I’m convinced WordPress fits the bill. It’s the content-management system (CMS) small business owners need to anchor their business in the world of digital marketing.

It’s established, it’s scalable, it’s made for the modern web, and it’s all yours.

Five Ways You’re Going to Win With WordPress

Released in 2003, they spent over a decade in the crucible of global open-source development, led by a team of hardcore contributors and adopted by global brands like CNET and CNN as well as millions of personal and business websites.

That’s scalability. The same core powering CNN’s blogs drives the smallest photography site. You can use it to build a simple landing page and then expand to five, ten, or a hundred pages over time without a dramatic change to your toolset. Whatever your size, you’ll take advantage of built-in features that make essential SEO effortless.

And if you need help tuning-up your SEO, you’re not alone. The wide adoption of WordPress means there’s a wide community of experienced bloggers, developers, marketers, and other experts who know WordPress too. There are plenty of people to help, probably many in your own backyard.

1. Well Established

I love how old WordPress is. Yet, it’s constantly updated and embraced by the internet’s best minds. WordPress old timers collaborate with new blood on the core files. Creative agencies like Roundpeg celebrate over a decade of specializing in WordPress development and support. And we’re not the only ones.

It’s not just the software which is well-established. It’s the community. And that’s the real source of value. Complementary software and services have grown up with WordPress, sometimes spawning their own flourishing fan bases.

When you start working with WordPress, you join a warm fellowship of creators who’ve been making great things online for a long time. You have friends waiting already. A ready-and-waiting support network is a great asset when your own business is growing fast.

2. Grows With You

All that growing means you’ll be adding web pages and posts fast. I’ve encountered website builders that offer instant set-up and easy results. Building that way locks you into a specific format. Sure, the first one is easy but these builders aren’t made to grow beyond five or six simple pages. They sacrifice flexibility and longevity for a shorter learning curve.

A quick, weekend-project website probably only lasts you that long before you’re feeling constrained and ready to move on.

WordPress grows with you. The foundation is painfully boring, but for a reason. The idea is that you extend your website with plugins and themes downloaded for free or purchased from the community.

Want to make it a weekend project? Pre-built themes are widely available for purchase if you want. Fill in the blanks over a weekend. When you want to change your theme or get a custom WordPress web design, your hard work setting it up and filling in those initial blanks doesn’t have to be lost. You’ll be set on a solid foundation to expand, maintaining the equity of what you’ve already built.

3. Gets Along With SEO

WordPress is not search engine optimized. Whatever you’ve been told, that’s not a thing.

Search engine optimization is a long, complicated journey, hazy with uncertainty and risk. If anyone says you’ll be on page one in no time, they’re lying. You’ll be on page one after you’ve scratched and clawed your way to the top of a pile of fierce competitors.

WordPress won’t change that. Especially since many of those competitors are using WordPress too. But there’s a good reason everyone’s on it. It’s the best basecamp from which to climb the bloody heights of SEO. WordPress is the first step on that journey.

WordPress has clean, modern code, a simple interface (I can train you in an hour), and millions of people use it every day. Which means you’re never far from an expert who already knows how to further optimize your site.

WordPress is SEO friendly.

4. Goes With You

Remember how well-established WordPress is? There’s another benefit to joining a global community of web experts. Your website is portable.

Not like, pack it up and take it on a picnic portable. But you don’t have to use the same service provider for everything. If one provider isn’t available or can’t be used, take your work request to someone new. They’ll already be familiar with your basics so you can minimize disruption and wait times.

Of course, there are benefits to having a unified local team supporting your website. But there’s a great, big world out there of people who want to work with WordPress. You have options and that makes a big difference.

5. Best of All, WordPress is Yours

I want to share one more great thing about WordPress. It’s free. There’s no cost or licensing fee to pay. It’s also free, as in, freedom. You can use it for any industry, for any purpose, for any project you want.

You can change your copy of WordPress however you want, no conditions. Nobody will send you tense emails. If anything, you’re encouraged to experiment. And, you benefit from the community out there making their own changes and improvements.

Why WordPress? Because it’s established, it’s scalable, it’s made for the modern web and it’s all yours. Roundpeg uses it every single day. Talk to us about your web design questions, we’d love to answer.

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Roundpeg is a wordpress shop

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