Talk around the water cooler is that there is a new face at Roundpeg. Surprise! It’s me: Sam Von Tobel. This one-time sports reporter for a small-town newspaper is the latest member of team Roundpeg’s content department and could not be more excited/happy/terrified!

Origin Story

So… who is Sam Von Tobel?

Although I was born in Michigan, I am a Hoosier through and through. I grew up and spent a lot of my younger days among the lakes, farms and small towns of northern Indiana. But, I am no country boy. The rest of my time was spent in the hustle and bustle of Indianapolis. I guess you could say I got the best of both worlds. I am an alum of Wawasee High School (Go Warriors!) and, more recently, a graduate of Indiana University in the Class of 2015 (Go Hoosiers!).

At IU, I bounced around trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. Through biology, chemistry, physical sciences and a plethora of other pipe dreams, I looked in the mirror and came to the ultimate conclusion that I a) loved to write and create content and b) loved working with people. That notion ultimately led me to leave Bloomington with a degree in Sport Communication, a minor in Marketing and Management and a certificate from the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism. I spent the past year covering high school sports at a newspaper in northern Indiana before getting the opportunity to join Roundpeg.

The Man, The Myth

Fun facts and general knowledge about me, you say? Well, obviously taking a major in the world of sports should be a no-brainer indicator that I am a big sports fan. I am your pretty typical Indiana sports guy, rooting for my Hoosiers, Colts, Pacers, Butler Bulldogs and basically anyone playing Purdue. When I am not watching or talking about sports, I am also a huge movie buff and am just as comfortable talking films as sports. I love good music, good food, craft beers, fun drinks and am always looking for a new great spot.

Other icebreakers? I played orchestra from middle school through most of high school (violin, and no I can’t/won’t play anything for you… I have forgotten it all and was pretty lousy to begin with), I’ve taken many years of German (I can proudly say I could hold a very loose conversation with a small German child and not much more) and I was born Joshua John Von Tobel before my folks changed their minds a few hours later.

The Here and Now

In general, I’m a people pleaser. I enjoy making people happy. If I can do that by sharing the content I have created and working closely with people, all the better. That’s why I’m here. I want to help you create and publish content to help spread your ideas, values and help inspire others. So what do you say? Help me help you!

So, let’s get started, gang! I am beyond thrilled to be here. I’m looking forward to diving head first into the deep end of the pool. It’s ok, because I’m a strong swimmer (get that, that’s like, a metaphor). Keep an eye out for future blog posts, follow me on Twitter @SAMvt93 and look for me on the internets with all the other social medias those damned kids are on these days.

Til then!

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