Web Resource Kit

What’s included:

Why People Hate Your Website
Web Design Kickoff Guide
Podcast — Listen Now

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Web Update Kit

What’s included:

Why People Hate Your Website
Web Design Kickoff Guide
Podcast: Streamline Your Homepage — Listen Now

What’s in this kit


There was a time when your home page needed to contain all that you did.  The format was much like the front page of a newspaper with a series of article snippets and with links to learn more. But trends have shifted.Today, the most effective home pages are designed to lead visitors to the right place with one strong call to action

White papers:

Web Design Kickoff Guide – Before you start your next web design project use these questions to organize your information. The project will go smoothly if you do a little homework upfront.

Why People (and Search Engines) Hate Your Website – No one designs a website to turn off customers and prospects, but often, that is the end result. Discover the most common mistakes website owners make and how to avoid them.


Time to Refine Your Website – Maybe your website was awesome when you launched it a few years ago, but how does it stack up today?   In this video we will discuss how to audit your website, dive into Google analytics, and make simple changes to improve your website.

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