If you’ve read some of my blog posts you know I’m all about relationships and the dynamics of human emotions. So naturally, any advertising that pulls on the heart strings and throws a little comedy into the mix, well, I’m all about it.

The advertisement created by Heinz for the Superbowl this year blended emotional appeal, fun and integrated marketing in a way which motivated me to buy their products. If you haven’t watched this commercial do so now. I’ll wait. And you’re welcome.


Why I love this commercial

Let’s break it down. The ad displayed the complete array of products they offer in a way which personified the products. How can you not smile when you look at the little girl dressed as an individual serving packet? It went one step further when the products were matched with wiener dogs in hot dog costumes (cute and clever). If you didn’t smile when you saw the dogs running, ears bouncing, well I am pretty sure the Tin Man has your heart.

On top of all of the cuteness, a dog was paired with each sauce, which at a very subtle level plays with the relationship between people and man’s best friend, the dog. Their audience was then engaged by the request to vote on which sauce they like the best.

Campaign, not just a commercial

Heinz didn’t stop with the one commercial. This theme has been tied into multiple marketing platforms. Their Instagram account featured “the starting lineup” as the range of sauces or even heads or tails photos with the dogs in the hot dog costumes. On Twitter they have dogs encouraging people to adopt a pet. Each message is designed to make you feel good about the product and the brand.

You can be lovable too

As a small business you don’t need to have a big budget or 100 dogs running toward your employees across a field to be successful. There are other lessons you can apply from the Heinz example.

If you run an ad or promotion, make it consistent across all platforms. Use a similar message on social media, your website and email marketing. And don’t be afraid to have fun, especially on social media. In addition to links to your blog posts or promotions, include a slice of life in your office or a joke about your industry to give potential customers a chance to get to know you.

And if you can throw in a picture of a wiener dog, that wouldn’t hurt, either.

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