We don’t have all the answers. Yes, I know you come to Roundpeg for your daily dose of marketing information, and we do have a lot of stuff to say. But to stay on top of our game, we check out other blogs, books and videos regularly. Here’s a sampling of what I have read in the last few weeks.

Management and Leadership

Can you really have it all?  –  The short answer is not really, but author Anese Cavanaugh gives you a model to evaluate all that you want and how to get the things which really matter. At the end of the day, it is about choice. What really matters to you.

Puppies and Stars – I have seen this type of decision matrix applied to clients, but never employees. EOS  Worldwide is one of my favorite management blogs. In this post they talk about selecting people who fit your core values, even if they don’t have all the skills right away instead of hiring people with skills who really don’t fit your culture.

Content Marketing

Getting 20,231 Views with One EPIC Roundup Post: A Step-by-Step Guide – If you have noticed a series of roundup posts on the Roundpeg blog, this is the post which inspired many of them. I used to rely on this type of post quite often, but had fallen out of the habit. After reading Tor Refsland’s post I had to give it a try once again. While I don’t expect anywhere near that large a response, it will be fun to see how this post performs.

How to come up with fresh ideas to write about on your blog  – I have been a long time ProBlogger fan. I took the 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge a few years ago, and I still use many of the tactics I learned back then. This post is really just a link to his podcast, but it is a nice introduction to Darren and ProBlogger. I love listening to his Aussie accent almost as much as I enjoy reading what he has to say.

Just for Fun

By the middle of the afternoon, I am a little burned out. I am tired of reading about web design and SEO or social media and Inbound marketing. I need a mental break. Something which will make me laugh, smile or make me say wow. That’s when I turn to sites like DeMilked. Some days there is something pretty, cool or just plain weird. This post probably falls into the category of kind of weird. Artist Andrew Tarusov recreates popular Disney posters in the style of Tim Burton. Is there any business application for this topic? Probably not, but it is a fun way to end the post and start your day!

So, that’s what’s on my reading list, what about you?

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