At Roundpeg, we offer a wide array of services, you could say we’re about as versatile as Batman’s utility belt. And while Batman is a cool hero, he can’t do it all – sometimes you need a Superman to melt things with heat vision, a Wonder Woman to lasso up evildoers or an Aquaman to, uh… talk to a sea turtle?

Anyway, the point is that no one hero (or business) can do everything, and that’s where their friends come in. If you’re in the market for a specific service that isn’t quite Roundpeg’s forte, we recommend some of these Indianapolis businesses.


A lot of what Roundpeg does is geared toward optimizing SEO, from fresh keyword-rich content development to effective web design with high usability. But Roundpeg is not an “SEO company.” We may sometimes get the odd client whose only goal is to be the number one Google search result, with our “sweet spots” being less of a concern. When that happens, we’re happy to refer them to one of these groups.


Founded by friend of Roundpeg, Aaron Douglas, Deep Ripples strives to “bring people together using ones and zeros.” While we wish we had come up with that slogan first, it’s a testament to the company’s simple approach to digital marketing. Leveraging your business’s assets, a host of tools and an understanding of human psychology, Deep Ripples is in the business of effectively connecting clients with their customers.


DK New Media does a lot of things, from fantastic infographic and analytics publishing to Ecommerce and even podcast production. One thing they do better than just about anyone is SEO. Founded by Douglas Karr, DK New Media also runs the very informative Marketing Tech Blog, a hub for the latest articles and thinkpieces in digital marketing and media.


Visual Media

Not every business needs video assets or giant physical signs, but for those that do the quality of the production group you choose can make or break your entire marketing campaign. In Indianapolis, there are two groups that immediately come to mind.


12 Stars Media isn’t content with just doing video shoots and editing for clients, their mission is to provide all-around visual media strategy, from video production to training and consultation. One of their newest projects, Candidio, enables clients to collect video footage on their smartphones to be compiled and edited by their professional editors.


TKO Graphix is the go-to source for great physical advertisement services. If you see a service vehicle on the road decked out with awesome graphics, chances are it was done by TKO. A mind-blowing wall mural, stair graphics, event banner or museum display? TKO’s done that too.



We may all have decent cameras on our phones, but that doesn’t make us all photographers – I’ll be the first to admit to my inability to take a decent picture. Fortunately, we’ve had the pleasure of working with two superfly photographers in Indianapolis.


Revisiting the superhero theme we started with, it’s hard not to call Paul D’Andrea “Hawkeye.” His eye for color composition and attention to minute details show in his gallery full of corporate photography, event photos and his unique collection of nature and fine art photography.


Josh Humble has done just about all there is to do in the field of photography, from his time as a photo lab technician and editorial photographer in Fort Lauderdale to his work as a fashion photographer and retoucher around the country. Now in Indianapolis, Josh specializes in headshots and architectural and product photography for small and mid-size businesses.


Professional Development & Networking

If you and your business aren’t growing, you’re stagnating. Fortunately, you aren’t alone when it comes to facilitating that growth. Though there are a plethora of networking and development communities you can join, we’ve found these in particular to have consistently shown their value.


Since 2002, Rainmakers has had one goal: to connect people. Whether getting members in front of new client opportunities, promoting strategic relationship introductions or providing training and consulting, Rainmakers makes members and their businesses like family.


The Indiana Small Business Development Center is geared more towards entrepreneurs and new small businesses. The Center provides a huge array of services, from one-on-one consulting and strategic planning to market research and business loan assistance.

No matter what your needs are, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these organizations. So if you found someone who may be a match for your needs, drop them a line and tell them your friendly neighborhood Roundpeg sent you!

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