What makes a good team?


Observing these changes I started to wonder about what it takes to create a good team. As the third member of the web team, I’ve noticed there is a good system of how we function as a team within a team (Insert Inception joke here). We have very different styles and instead of trying to find three people who are exactly alike, Lorraine has built a team of individuals, with different skills and communication styles.

Our lead web designer, Peter is soft spoken and likes to dig into his work with long periods dedicated to one project. In contrast, I’m more of a communicator who enjoys multiple task, and serving others where needed. Which is why I am the perfect role for support when things go crazy on a client’s site. In the middle blending us all together is Cherilyn, who can be quiet at times, but great at letting her voice be heard when she has a strong opinion. More of a graphic designer than a web designer, she focuses more of her time on the front end of projects doing mock ups and graphic elements.

The thread that ties us together is a common commitment to the same vision of the company. We have the freedom to use our own strengths and styles to work together to accomplish that vision. Having a great team doesn’t mean everyone getting along all the time like we are all one big happy family. Let’s face it, even families disagree.

The same is true for teams. With different styles and skills there is the potential for miscommunication or minor personality clashes. It is going to happen, having a culture where everyone is appreciated for what they bring to the table helps the team work through the rough spots.

Don’t be afraid of diversity

As a business owner, having a team of people who are so similar there is never any conflict also means there will never be any really different ideas. As you grow your team look for people who will bring something different to the table and fill in a gap in your team skill set, allowing you to take on new projects or do them in new ways.