“Hello! This is Leisha from Roundpeg calling for Mr. Client…oh, yes I understand, I’ll call back later.”

I get defeated when I have a set time to talk to a client and the phone goes unanswered, or a deadline is quickly approaching and phone calls are not returned. I know it’s not personal, but it does take a swing at my determination.

Staying in contact with clients is essential for projects to come out on time with everyone happy. We take steps to cut down on the amount of phone calls made to clients during the month by setting up a content calendar and working out topics in advance, but there are still situations that make communication essential and sometimes it can be hard to get clients to respond to either phone calls or emails.

I get it, I really do because a lot goes on day-to-day when running a business. Our clients have enough to deal with. So when working with, or for a business/client, don’t feel bad if you are not at the very top of the list. We all know how life goes, sometimes getting back with people is a challenge.

It used to sting a little when clients didn’t get back to me after one phone call. I wouldn’t want to call again, thinking the call would be returned when remembered. In business things are changing and spinning at lightning speed, we all need a reminder every now and then. I’ve learned a few ways to get the phone answered faster and how to make sure you and your client maintain healthy communications.

Persistence: Our clients are running their own businesses and they are obviously stretched for time. When working with other people to accomplish goals, you have to stay persistent and remind people of what you need (gently and reasonably, don’t call every hour, that’s just rude) but we’re all busy people and sometimes things slip through the cracks.

Be Prepared: I get so annoyed when my friends call and ask for something and don’t know the specifics.

“Hey can we all ride in your car for the camping trip this weekend?”

“Sure, how many people and when?”

“Uhh I don’t know I’ll have to get back with you on that.” Seriously? Get it together. Before I call a client I make sure to have a list of things we need to talk about, complete with the details I need. If you don’t pre-plan, you won’t get the right information and will most likely need to call back, which is time-consuming and annoying.

Leave Your Ego At The Door: If people don’t get back to you right away it isn’t because they don’t care about you, they’re just busy. Getting annoyed or refusing to follow-up isn’t hurting anyone but you. Continue to reach out and let them know you need information in order to move forward. Be patient and clear about what you need with plenty of time in advance to make sure things go off without a hitch.

It’s important to note that these are not hard and fast rules. Just remember to keep your cool when tracking down information. Everyone is different, adjust these tips for each client to match different communication styles and the level of  involvement in the creation process.

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