When I went in for my interview at Roundpeg, I wasn’t sure I was a cat person. But as soon as I sat down, I realized this was no longer an acceptable option when Truman the cat started drinking out of my water cup. That was a great introduction to work life at the ‘Peg because it was almost a daily occurrence.

Little did I know, I would actually grow to love cats. And when Truman passed and Benny was carefully selected from a field trip to the Humane Society, the cycle would continue.

But really, Roundpeg was much more than cats. Popsicle breaks were mandatory every summer afternoon at 3pm and I did a lot of work in the patio outdoor conference room. I learned to eavesdrop and tweet out-of-context coworker interactions to #OHAtThePeg. Luckily for the business, I took a few breaks to design some websites in between trying to convince my coworkers Sasquatch actually does exist and mermaid documentaries are kind of believable. 

In all seriousness, I improved my professional skills so much while working at the ‘Peg. It’s always a good day when you can come in with little knowledge about a certain project you’re going to tackle and manage to put all the pieces together to make something you’re proud of. Peter was a great teacher, he was really patient with me and helped me out with many of the more technical aspects of web design. And I grew professionally outside the office as well. This past summer, Peter and I traveled to WordCamp Columbus where I learned a lot about WordPress related topics, accessibility and delicious donut eating.

I had a chance to hone my skills, writing lots of CSS and expanding my knowledge and interest in coding. I also learned in ways I didn’t expect from writing bi-weekly blog posts and attending networking events around the city.

They say you won’t ever grow until you force yourself to get out there and do it, and I find that to be true of my time at Roundpeg. In addition to what I learned about WordPress and client communication I realized working in a relatively small room with 4 other people pretty much guarantees built-in friends. And you’re friends for life after you chase a giant shopping cart down the street and ride back to the office in it.

I’m thankful for my time at Roundpeg and will attribute a lot of my future success to the skills and foundation that I built here. I’m excited to move on to new adventures but sad to leave the people and cats who have made the last work year fun, productive and silly. Many thanks to my coworkers and the cats for teaching me new things and helping me grow in the last year.   We are sad to see Sara go. Life won’t be the same in the little white house without her, but this does create room for someone new.  Are you interested in learning to do web design?  We would love to talk with  you. Apply here.