Let me preface this blog by saying I am in no way an expert on most things. My clients, however, are. Writing content for my clients means that I have to deliver relevant and interesting blogs for audiences that are completely factual.

Here at Roundpeg I write a lot, about a variety of things. Most of the time I know very little about the topic when I sit down to write, but writing for clients means you have to become an expert and provide the type of content and knowledge that they would give clients themselves. Thanks to a few of my clients, I now know how to get just about any stain out of my carpet and the ideal temperature to set my thermostat. Writing about topics I don’t know much about can be a little intimidating, that’s why I try to stick to these tips for creating factual, interesting content that audiences are looking to find. So sit back, do some research and learn.

Do Research

So obviously this is the first step most people would take, but you can get yourself into trouble if your googling goes awry. I look for accredited educational websites, government websites or known industry leaders when finding the research to support my blog post. These are good places to get the hard facts, then use those facts and information to create a blog or a story that the audience would want to know more about. Make sure your sources are credible because if you’re wrong, your client is wrong too.

Look at Industry Leaders

I touched on this above, but take a look at where big names in the industry are getting their content. If they are sharing from specific websites, take a look and see what’s going on. You never want to steal content, but the basis of the blogs you’re writing need good, solid research to back them up. If your industry leaders have found a reliable resource, it’s worth checking out. These sources are also great for staying aware of upcoming trends. Maintaining an understanding of what is happening in each industry makes you a leader and a resource for people to come to as well.

Keep a Consistent Tone

One of the hardest things about writing for a client, and maintaining the illusion that I have a clue what I am talking about, is a consistent tone. I often go back and read old blog posts or the posts they make on Facebook to see how close I am to their tone and language. It’s important to stay true to their brand and make their content feel like it is coming from the person the customers know.

Be Aware of Your Audience

Writing for an industry, you might assume you know the audience just based on the company. Wrong. Each business, especially small businesses have a unique clientele, understand that audience to engage them with the content you supply.

Talk to the Client

The best way to avoid publishing something that is inaccurate is to ask the experts themselves. A quick once-over the content makes everyone rest easier at night. If there are inconsistencies or advice they normally wouldn’t give, we can fix it and make sure the content is consistent to what they would advise.

Do research, trust your sources and check your facts, you will have no problem generating content on new topics. I will never be an expert like my clients are, but I will learn a few things along the way. Original content and a solid blog roll will bring traffic to websites and social media accounts.

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