One of the things you notice if you spend any time at Roundpeg is the laughter. From stifled giggles to laugh-out-loud moments, there is a bit of laughter every day.

What makes us laugh? Animal videos of course, and other strange things we find online, paper airplane contests and jelly bean tasting events, the antics of Benny and Clyde and the silly jokes found on the inside of Popsicle sticks. Most of all, we laugh at the things people in the office say, whether they mean to be funny, and often when they don’t.

We think laughter should be shared and so, from time to time, you will see #OHAtThePeg in front or and the end of a particularly silly comment on Twitter. Here are just a few of my recent favorites.



An inside look

Besides creating a bit of engagement these tweets help paint a picture of life @ the ‘Peg. Prospective customers gain a little insight into the creativity and perspective of the company they are about to hire. Smart potential employees who follow us on Twitter are prepared for the fast paced, interactive and somewhat silly interview process required to join the team.


Think your company has a bit of personality worth sharing with an #OHAtYourCompany? Here are a few simple rules:

  • Keep the tweets light and fun with absolutely no promotion of products or services. Your company feed can include promotions just don’t use the #OH prefix. Your audience won’t believe team members stand around all day just talking about how great your product is.
  • Short is better than long. This lets team members and friends of the company RT with a comment and extend the conversation.
  • The comment needs to stand alone without context or explanation. This is perhaps the hardest part of an OH comment. You have to boil a conversation down to just a few words.
  • It doesn’t have to be one voice. #OHAtThePeg is a combination of the style of the listener and the speaker. Sometimes it is shared from the @roundpeg account, other times it originates with a team member and then is re-shared by Roundpeg. Either way, the tweets give you a glimpse into life in the little white house we call home.

So the next time you are on Twitter, look for #OHAtThePeg and have a laugh with us. Then think about sharing a few “OH’s” from your company, too.