In the early days of Twitter the hashtags #followfriday and #FF were a regular part of my Friday feed. It was a great way to discover new and interesting people and share a little Twitter love with my friends. Like many things in social media #FF became overused and for the most part abandoned.

But Twitter is filled with interesting and obscure accounts so for one day, and one day only we are going to bring back the Follow Friday. I asked each team member @roundpeg to share an interesting account or two. As you read the list you will get a little insight into the unique interest of each of our team members. Yes there are lots of cute animals in our feeds and maybe a few accounts you should follow too.


@mysadcat – Exactly what it sounds like. A very sad, very serious cat, named Bear.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.32.57 AM

@jennagiles – Can I list myself here? Modesty has never really suited me. My feed is a steady stream of marketing lessons, jokes your mother probably wouldn’t like and the (mainly) true tales of life as a graphic designer.




@thetoast – The Toast is a website run by Mallory Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe. If you follow The Toast, you’ll find interesting pieces on social justice issues from points of views you won’t often see in the mainstream. And they mix it up with comics, humor and the delightfully nutty musings of Mallory. Sure, its audience is primarily women, but men will find themselves secretly reading it too.

@probirdrights – ‘Cause slightly illiterate birds have rights too, you know?


@mental_floss  – Delivers a steady stream of fun facts, brain teasers, and answers to questions you never knew you had. It is filled with similar content to BuzzFeed with headlines like “15 Fateful Facts about Gilligan’s Island”.  The click through however,  is usually a more substantial, fact filled read.

@viewbug – A photography contest website, their twitter feed always features images from contest winners, each one more beautiful than the one before.  Unfortunately the only tweet a few times a week, so you probably need to have them on a list so they don’t get buried in your feed.


@TheWeek – The Week publishes short articles that aggregate coverage from a variety of sources and views. Their Twitter rarely breaks stories, but it’s your best place to start digging for news and commentary. And it’s not just politics. Plenty of arts and culture mixed in. Check out their podcast as well for entertaining trivia and film reviews.


@westknits – Most of us live hectic lives, I ground myself with my knitting. But following the adventures of the not so grounded designer Stephen West always leaves me shaking my head in wonder.  I love his  photos best of all. 



@TheOnion – Who doesn’t love tidbits of fake news sprinkled into your feed? If you don’t know, the Onion is “America’s Finest News Source” or a hilarious satire news site that pokes fun of political topics and creates news stories out of completely mundane or ridiculous events.

@IndianapolisMonthly – An account based on the magazine, you can stay up to date on all things Indy from fun events happening throughout the summer, to news, to the best new restaurants.


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