To become a successful small business owner, it’s not enough to focus solely on your company’s strengths. There are a number of mistakes which can kill or severely injure your small business if you’re not aware of them. They include:

Bad Website

Recently, I was looking for a company to supply my client with large banners and signage. After some time searching the web, I found a company offering exactly the type of signage I had been searching for. The price was reasonable and the quality of the product looked right. However, one of the links on their website was broken. As soon as I discovered this small mishap, my initial reaction was to find a different supplier. How could I trust this company with my expensive order if their website wasn’t functional? Is it worth risking? In the end, I decided to take my business elsewhere, using a company with a much nicer (and functional) website. Sometimes the functionality of your website is just the beginning. The design of your website also plays a massive role in portraying your business as the professional and high quality company that you are.

The moral of the story is this: Customers use your website not only to research your goods and services, but to also get a feeling for who you are as a company. If the customer’s experience with your website is less than desirable, your competition is more than willing to pick up the business.


Poor Social Media Presence

Engaging your audience on Social Media can be an exhausting chore (but it doesn’t have to be). However, a social media presence is a vital aspect to a successful company in 2015 and beyond. If you don’t have any social media accounts for your business, it could indicate that you are inept when it comes to technology. Not only does that make you look outdated, but it also tells your customers that you might not be relevant in this day and age. Social media allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. It also lets your customers know that your business is alive and kicking. A static website doesn’t tell potential clients that you’re still in business. If you’re not on social media (or your accounts are outdated), people might assume that something is wrong with the company, or that you’re no longer in business.


Lacking Customer Service

Is the customer always right? I can tell you from experience . . . no. But you should keep in mind customers are the ones paying your bills. Good customer service creates long-term relationships, and in turn, brings repeat business and client referrals. Bad news travels fast. You don’t want to leave your clients with a bad taste in their mouth because that negative experience will spread to everyone they know.

One of the simple customer service tactics Roundpeg lives by is that all phone calls are answered on the first ring. It makes our clients feel important and appreciated. A quick reaction to their phone call shows them we think their time is important, we value their business and we are available to answer questions and respond to requests.

Can a business survive with a bad website, poor social media presence and a lack of customer service? Sure, but it thrives when you get it right.