There is that moment in every sales conversation where a client must decide if you are the right choice. Whether they come out and ask it, or simply wonder internally, the question on the table is very simply “Why should I buy from you?”

In a sea of companies which offer similar services, if you want to win the sale, your answer needs to be confident and compelling. One of the best ways to prepare to answer that question is to create a brand position statement which clearly defines how you stand out.

Many companies get confused and think this is a tagline. It isn’t. A brand position statement is just a clear definition of who your customers are and how you solve their problem better or differently than any other company in your industry.

Answer the small questions first

Who is your target customer? Truly unique companies understand that when they adjust their focus they will appeal to some people and not to others. For many small business owners, it’s scary to turn your back on what seems like groups of potential clients. In reality, when you narrow your focus you channel more of your energy and resources to the people most likely to buy from you.

When you know who your target customer is, it’s easy to answer the next questions:

What is their problem? We design websites and clients come to us saying they need a website, but that isn’t the real problem. What they really want is more sales, a more professional impression to back up a sales presentation, a showcase for their projects or a platform to use as a hub for their inbound marketing activities. Think about your customers. What is the real pain driving their decision to buy?

What solutions do you offer them? This is where you begin to think about what you do. Consider how the features and benefits of your product/service address the key concerns of your target customer.

What sets you apart from other companies in your industry? This is probably the hardest question for a business owner to answer. It is easy to fall back on the basics: quality, service and price. Unfortunately, unless your competitors are out there promising low quality, crappy service and high prices, these are not things which set you apart. Your position statement needs to define what you do which no one else does. Sometimes it isn’t one thing but a combination. For example:

  • While many restaurants serve meals featuring food from local growers, Public Greens also contributes a portion of their proceeds to local charities. It is the combination which gives them a unique place in the market.
  • There are lots of web design firms in Indy. What is unique about us is our 8 years of WordPress experience combined with an emphasis on strategy and education. There are companies which may have one, but not all of those elements.

Marketing position statement

Looking at your business through the eyes of your customer

A good position statement defines your business through the eyes of your customers. How do they view you? What do they consider to be your unique qualities. As you work on your position statement, take time to ask your best customers why they buy from you. The answers may surprise you.

When you are done with this process you should be able to say with complete confidence there is no other company exactly like yours. Ready to get started? Download our position statement workbook.