EmailandMobile-CoverNow that you have cleaned your email list, the next step is to revamp your email marketing campaigns. If you haven’t changed your email template in two to three years it probably looks a little outdated. Here are some easy ways to improve the look and functionality of your email campaign.

It’s all about being “mobile-responsive”

It’s hard to ignore the fact that 50 percent of people are opening and reading emails on their mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets. If you’re not using a mobile responsive theme for your emails, they may look fine on your computer, but funky on a tablet or smartphone. Lorraine wrote a great blog post about transitioning to mobile responsive email templates. If you missed it, give it a quick read here.

If you want to bring your email marketing campaign into the 21st century, you need to start working with a mobile responsive template. Constant Contact has a great selection of customizable, mobile responsive themes that work for virtually any business.

Not sure if you’re using a mobile responsive template for your emails? Call up your email service provider and check with them.

Use buttons instead of linking text

Buttons with short calls to action need to find a place in your email marketing campaign. Why? Have you ever read an email on your phone and realized the linked text is too small to click on? While it’s not the end of the world, it is an inconvenience. Buttons with short calls to action like, “sign up now” or “visit our website” make it easier for users to click. They are also more visually appealing.

What do you want your subscribers to do? Call you? Visit your website? Stop by your store? Whatever is most important to you, make it a priority by adding it to a button.

Long paragraphs have got to go

Your email newsletter is not your life story. People are not willing to invest more than five minutes of their time in reading long paragraphs of text. The shorter the better. Three sentences is ideal. It’s enough to draw the reader in then give them a reason to click a button to read more.

You know that saying, “Why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free?” Well, would someone go to your website for more information if you have already given it to them in your email? Of course not. Keep the contents of your email short and focus on driving people to your website, to your blog or to call if they want to know more.

Don’t forget about graphics

Adding graphics to your emails is an easy way to save space if you feel like your email has too much text. Create a small graphic with text to drive the reader to click and go to your website for more information. If you’re running a special promotion, monthly deals or events at your store, promote them through an image. Keep the message short and use legible text. Fancy fonts might look pretty, but if no one can read them the graphic is useless.

Use these tips to bring your email marketing out of the dark ages and into the future. Need more tips to improve email open and click-through rates? Download our guide to Email Success in 6 Easy Steps.