When countless projects start to appear like a bad case of teenage acne- scattered all around you, visible at all times and making you feel overwhelmed and frustrated- what should you do? Proactiv will not make your tasks disappear, but organization can! Sometimes you have to go back to the basics and make organization a main priority.

One Thing at a Time

Don’t freak out over the amount of work in front of you. Instead work on each objective one by one. Giving yourself a one step at a time plan will make your work load seem manageable. Objectives of each project may change over time, but your approach to finishing a project doesn’t have to.

Each Project Deserves a Plan

Give each project a little TLC, create individual content calendars for all of your social media or a well laid out work schedule for a new website. Compiling all the information for one project in one location will create clear objectives, instead of just a laundry list of tasks.

Write it Down

We have all gone to the grocery and forgotten about 10 things we needed because we never made a list. Put an end to forgetting the basics. Write all of your projects down! Use a fancy online tracking system like Insightly or create a snazzy Excel spreadsheet with all the details you need.

*Extra: spend about five minutes making each of your plans pretty. Throw in some color or a picture. A little pizazz never hurt anybody and it will certainly be more fun to look at!*

Check it Weekly

You didn’t make this masterpiece to have it be ignored. Check your project plans weekly to determine what the next phase is and to ensure you’re on track.


Namaste! Finishing all your tasks may feel stressful, but just remember to give yourself time to breathe.

If you are diligent and organized, your project will be finished in a timely fashion. Just like with time, we all ditched our bad case of teenage acne (or at least started calling it adult acne- new name, new perspective).

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