When it comes to the internet, it is still about who links to you and to whom you link. While Google no longer puts the same weight on links it once did, links from high quality sites still bring search authority and, better yet, real visitors to your site.

In this episode, Jarred and Lorraine explore the history of link building across the web, from its start in the blogging community and small websites, to its boom during the growth of Google, and its current role as an indicator of authority and relevance. They discuss how links start with great content and are built through real relationships with businesses you trust.


  •  Links still matter for your internet visibility. Start by building links with businesses you trust.
  • Good links start with great content. Showcase your best material when implementing a link building strategy.
  • Don’t be afraid to network to build links. If you have great content to offer, use it as a way to build new relationships.

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