While I hope small business owners across America wake up every morning to read Business Notes from Roundpeg, there are lots of other great business blogs out there. I know this because I read many of them for ideas, inspiration or answers to questions I have about social media, inbound marketing, SEO, design, branding and even photography.

There isn’t time every day to read them all so I collect my favorites in Feedly.  Then when I have time, I can quickly browse, share and even bookmark so I can come back to them later.

So what do I read? Here is a list of my current favorites and why I love each and every one.


Anne is the co-author of the book Content Rules, the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, and a popular columnist who can be found on a number of sites including: Entrepreneur Magazine,  MarketingProfs,  Huffington Post,  American Express OPEN Forum and Mashable.  While I enjoy stumbling across her content on all these locations, I really enjoy the few ( 2 – 4 a month)  she saves for her personal blog, which she refers to as “Annarchy.” 

The perspective of Annarchy is personal. This is not just another blog churning out 5 tips to better everything in 600 words or less. Yes, there are lessons and tips interwoven in the narrative, but her writing style makes you feel as if you sat down for a brief conversation with Anne and she told you a story or shared a part of her day.  The posts are well written so I rarely notice  they tend to be long, 1000 words or more.  If you are going to add this one to your reading list, be sure to carve out some extra time to savor the posts.


Demilked is like a candy story crammed full of tasty design treats. Every blog post is filled with unusual, beautiful, or surprising images.   I am never disappointed when I drop by and browse through jaw dropping photography, examples of innovative architecture, best in class advertising and stories of ordinary people, making extraordinary art.  This is the perfect mid afternoon distraction.  The posts are short and the pictures stay with you long after you leave the site. 

The Harvard Business Review

This is probably one of the best collections of management, leadership and career development articles. You can also find articles on the economy, discussions of laws which will impact business and the environment.  The well curated content is contributed by a wide range of authors and subject matter experts.  As a result some articles are definitely better than others.

One of my favorite pieces recently was titled Get Your Brain Unstuck by Ron Friedman, in which the author shares three simple tips to improve productivity.   Another was  a more tactical piece, 7 Reasons Your Company Can’t Hire, by Brent Rasmussen. It is the variety of content on the site which always makes the trip to HBR  worthwhile.

I have a number of other blogs in my reader, and I switch up my favorites on a regular basis looking for the next inspiration which I can use to fuel my business or my life.  What about you?  What do you read to charge your batteries?

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