60% of small business professionals report they aren’t tracking the return on their marketing efforts. That’s like getting in your car and ignoring all the gauges on your dashboard. You might get to your destination, but you might run out of gas before you ever arrive.

Don’t be a part of the 60%. Join us as we talk about basic strategies and tools you can use to help gauge the effectiveness of your marketing. We’ll cover reporting marketing analytics on everything from emails, social media messages, blog content and more. There’s no reason to stay in the dark about your marketing- we’ll help you get started with measuring success.

Interested in learning how to start measuring your marketing efforts and streamline your business growth? Join us for our next session of  What Your Measure, Matters.  An overview of Marketing Analytics

When: June 25 4:00 Pm

Where:  1003 East 106th Street, 46280

There is no charge to attend but reservations are required because seating is limited.   Reserve your seat now.