Trade shows can be profitable if you do a little bit of proper planning. They’re a great place to build new strategic partnerships, survey what you competitors are up to and gather lots of valuable leads for your sales team to contact. They can also be a giant waste of time and resources if you haven’t done your research.

In this episode, Lorraine talks with Jarred about her many trade show experiences- both good and bad- to explain how businesses can make shows profitable. They discuss how to pick the right shows to attend, how to set your team up to gather lots of valuable leads and how to follow-up with your potential customers after the show is over.


  • Trade shows are only worth your time if you have a plan in place to follow up with the leads you gather.
  • Picking a tradeshow space? Avoid columns, low ceilings and locations near the bathroom.
  • Extend your conference experience by reaching out to attendees before and after the show.

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