A thriving company culture drives innovation, entrepreneurship and productivity. Has your business gone through all the necessary steps to  define a clear mission and purpose? Developing these crucial culture elements and publishing them for your potential customers to see builds trust and authority.

You can also use the principles you develop to help guide everything from the hiring process to partnerships with other businesses.

In this episode, Lorraine and Jarred discuss what it takes set your business culture on the right track. They’ll walk you through the nuts and bolts of sourcing your employees to get at what really makes your company tick, how you deal with customers and what your overall goal is as a community and business.


  •  Get everyone involved. Company culture should represent everyone from your newest intern to your CEO.
  • Build growth into your culture statement. Make sure your mission aligns with your goals.
  • Use what you find out about your culture to help guide the hiring process. You want new hires who fit with your personalities.

More than a Few Words is a marketing podcast produced by Roundpeg