Growing up I remember being told over and over again not to slouch, but despite the number of warnings I received I failed to form healthy habits when it comes to the way I sit. If I can’t fix my everlasting slouch, I can at least focus on the posture of the websites I create. In web development lingo, posture is the way in which a website presents itself to the public. Everything from concept to creation, and all the stuff in between helps shape the posture of your website.

Why is Web Posture Important?

Viewers will leave a website after a couple seconds if they don’t find the site visually appealing or it doesn’t have a smooth user interface. What’s the point in spending all that time slouching at your desk designing something that no one is going to want to look at? The end goal is to present a polished image where all the subtle intricacies come together to aid in the overall posture.

Helpful Guidelines

Don’t disrupt the user flow. Avoid things like:

  • Pop-up windows
  • Back buttons that don’t work
  • Useless error messages with technical jargon that no one really understands
  • Extra clutter that will detour the user from experiencing the actual purpose of your website.

These will disrupt the user experience and attribute to the overall posture of your website in a negative way. Instead, focus on things like:

  • Guiding  your viewers with sensitive and helpful error messages that direct them gently.
  • Keep in mind if the service you are offering is simple, your website should be simple as well.

The posture of your website has an immense affect on user flow and traffic. Before adding something to your site think carefully about how it will affect a viewer’s experience. Will it be helpful to them or will it hinder them? The aesthetic appeal, content, navigational structure and placement of advertisements all need to be thought through in terms of what will make the users experience the best it can be. Be sure to take the time designing each piece with the user in mind so that they will have the highest opinion of your website possible. And sit up straight for crying out loud.