Everyone is telling you to blog.  You know you need to provide active, engaging blog content to attract new customers and stay relevant in your industry. So if it is such a good idea, why aren’t you doing it?

Well if you are like most small business owners, there is a little bit of fear, a little uncertainty and a lack of time. Does this sound like you?

We can help . Join us for a one hour look at how to get over this hurdle. You will learn tips and tricks on how to find the time to blog, what to write about, and how to increase your exposure and SEO benefits . You’ll be introduced to all the blogging basics, the lingo, how to find a writing voice which works for you, and how to gauge audience reaction.

In other words, we’ll provide you with a starting tool-kit to kickstart your blogging experience- all in plain English. That’s real value.

Does this session sound like the right fit for you? Grab a ticket using the form below. Be sure to also check out our other regularly scheduled seminars.