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Today, December 16, 2013 marks my first official day as a Roundpeg employee! My name is Anne and I am the newest member of the Roundpeg team. It’s a pleasure to meet all of you and I hope we can become lifelong friends. Too much too soon? Well at least skim my posts, that will make me feel a tad less awkward around all of you for the time being. I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

Everyone has released that awful sigh of defeat when they go to purchase a product or service and read the reviews, only to find they are all negative. While the “thumbs down” customer comments are informative, let’s face it, they are disheartening.  Whether you’re looking to purchase a new pair of shoes, a CD on iTunes, a plumber or new brand of taco shells, sometimes you don’t want to be bogged down with the prior opinions of others. Because you know what they say about opinions . . . everyone has them and they are always different. That being said, one Grammy Award winning super star just changed the marketing game for everyone, not just musicians.


Right when you thought social media and the Internet had ruined all the fun for everyone, Beyonce shut it all down, or should I say she shut them all up. She pulled one of the most well thought-out and genius marketing moves the music business has ever seen since the creation of iTunes.

Brands and businesses take note, sometimes no publicity is the best publicity. She managed to drop an entire album, videos included, with absolutely no warning or prior advertising and will now have sold over 550,000 albums in a matter of three days.

So how does Beyonce’s crazy successful marketing plan help businesses outside of the music industry? No prior publicity to the release of a product allows consumers to purchase without the preexisting opinions of others. The dreaded prior reviews of consumers would be no more, everyone would be free to actually buy a product or service and judge it for themselves. Seems like we are going back to basics, no? Withdrawing your business from the pre-product release hysteria could be a breath of fresh air for your company. But what happens to all of us in the marketing and advertising industry? Obviously not everyone will adapt to this “guerrilla style” of product promotion, but those businesses who do will always need help managing their brand after a release. So calm down, you won’t be out of a job and living in a box under a bridge.

If we have learned anything from Queen Bey, it’s that you must always be evolving and changing. You cannot remain stagnant when pitching your product to consumers. Keep an open mind, but never fear going back to the basics.

Image via GQ