What if you could send photos that could then self-destruct after a period of time? You know, when you just feel the urge to take an ugly selfie and share it, but want it to not be around forever? Well your dreams have come true! That’s why Snapchat was invented.

Primarily thought of as a great app for (let’s face it…) sexting, that is far from the reasons that I use Snapchat. Introduced to it not too long ago, I have grown quite fond of it since my first impressions, and use it daily to chat with some of my friends. Yes, it’s even replaced texting in some instances. This app allows for me to take a picture in the moment, sending only things that are happening to me right then and there. I can add text to the photo, even using the silly iPhone Emoji’s that everyone loves. Another great feature is being able to draw on the image, and it doesn’t matter if it looks good or not because everyone knows you’re doing it on a phone! I use my creative skills to enhance my pictures that I snap, sending off masterpieces to all of my friends.

I love also being able to dictate how long I want people to see the images I send off. There’s the option to only allow the image to be seen for one second up to ten seconds after my friends have opened them. It’s a little bit exhilarating being able to only send something for a few seconds. I can even take a video, which max. can last up to ten seconds as well, but sound can be recorded during that time too. Any photos or videos that I send, I can download, but coming from anyone else, I can’t. If I want to quickly snap a screen shot of someone else’s image to save it for later, they will be notified that I did this. But honestly, I enjoy seeing what my friends send me, and it’s an app to be used in the moment so I don’t try to save anything for later. To add to that, only friends I approve can send me snaps, so I won’t be getting anything I’m not asking for.

Recently, the creators of the app have even rolled out SnapKidz, for anyone who signs up that’s 13 or under. Though it doesn’t have the photo message sending ability, kids can still take pictures and draw on them. Not exactly the most exciting app for kids, but it prevents them from snapping and sending inappropriate images. Now they can just snap them without the sending! Kidding, but really. All in all, Snapchat is a cool, hip way of communicating the ultimate message to your friends (even ask Ghostface Chillah, they’re mascot!)

Alright, so we know your friends might be interested in chatting with you this way, but can your business use this form of snapping? In some ways, it seems reasonable. Maybe it could be applied to send out quick reminders to people about sales going on for the day, or humorous messages that go along with your business. It’s like a mini commercial, and you can chose who you subscribe to. It could be a new way of quick, convenient marketing (though remember, no one under 13 should be seeing your ads).