When we first switched to our new, non-interview format, we were concerned about finding enough new things to talk about each week. But with so many different social media platforms and tech tools  finding their way into the marketing plans of  small business owners, there is always a steady changes, upgrades and launches to talk about.

This week we explored the new tabs in Gmail. Rather than dumping all arriving mail into the inbox, users have the choice to pre-sort mail into five tabs: primary, social, promotions, updates and forums. Is it a productivity enhancement or one more set of hoops to jump through for harried users? As you will discover as you listen to Allison and Lorraine, the answer depends on how you use the tool. But regardless of how you use it, or even if you use it at all, there are implications that will effect the open rate of your weekly newsletter.

Oh, and as an added bonus, we also shared some impressions of the new Facebook insights.

Listen now: