One of the most popular design trends right now is the clean “Apple feel.” Light and airy with a white or light gray background, this trend is applied to websites, brochures, displays and even products.

In web design, this clean, uncluttered feel works extremely well for products and services which really don’t have great compelling images. It’s an excellent style choice for for professional services like law firms and accounting firms.

Instead of being forced to find yet another cheesy image of a gavel, row of books or simply people shaking hands across a desk, we let the words speak for themselves in a recent web design project for Quirk, Rivers & Hunter. Our clients wanted something that was professional, but still approachable. Using the Trim WordPress theme as a starting point, we were able to accomplish that for this law firm based in Muncie, Indiana.

With a broad practice area, they were impressed with the flexibility of the WordPress platform which will allow them to update information on their website as case law changes. This flexibility also allowed them to launch the new site quickly. Although they were still working on content for some of the pages, there was enough information for the launch. One of the best features of WordPress is the ability to turn on and off pages at the push of a button.

This flexibility will allow them to expand the website as their practice grows, and as they have the time to develop more information for the site.  While the design is done, the actual site is currently on hold as the firm develops their content.  That is one of the best features of WordPress, the ability to have a framework which can grow and change as your business does.


This website was designed by Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing strategy firm.