Customer service is key for a successful business. CJ McClanahan believes that fundamentally, every business has the core objective to “deliver goods or services in a fashion that provides an en ever increasing value to the shareholders.” Additionally, in a highly competitive, constantly changing marketplace, all businesses must adhere to one additional ideal in order to thrive and effectively adhere to their core objective that is to “provide an exceptional experience for their employee that inspires and enables them to grow and achieve their goals.”

About CJ: CJ began his consulting career as a licensed business coach with Action Coach and was soon recognized as one of the top coaches in the United States. He was named the “Rookie of the Year” and “Coach of the Year” in his territory and was recognized nationally with the “Action Man of the Year” award.

CJ started reachmore, in September of 2003, 5 days before his son Ian was born all because he was inspired by a book. Send him an email at and he will tell you which book inspired him and also give you a list of his favorite books.

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