Jumpstart Blog Post Ideas

Do you freeze up when you’re faced with a blank screen and a blog post to write? You had so many ideas and now they’ve all flown the coop. The best ideas always seem to come to us at the worst times. Think about it. Do you get ideas in the car, while working out, or hanging out with friends? When we allow our brains to take a break, they can focus better and generate creativity. Give yourself the opportunity to capture those great ideas no matter what.

If you’re an auditory learner like me, it’s easier to talk about ideas first before putting them onto paper. Use a peer or your boss as a sounding board so as you hear your ideas aloud, you can process and organize them. As long as I’ve talked through my ideas first, I can sit down and the words come more naturally.

Maybe you don’t have anyone to talk to when your idea hits. In that case, talk to yourself. Voice memo apps are readily available for smart phone users or if you’re old school, rock that mini recorder. Lorraine turned me onto using the voice memo app as a blogging tool to talk out blog post ideas and get my thoughts in order before I sit down to write.  Using voice memos turns my commute into time I’m using effectively. I can turn on the app when I jump in the car to take my daughter to school and work through my ideas. She gets a kick out of listening to me and I’m saved from listening to Kids Bop 22.

By the time I get to work, I have about twenty minutes of content to work with. I’ll play it back and turn it into a post faster than I could by starting from scratch. As ridiculous as this seems, it works and once you get the hang of it, it helps make the writing process go smoothly. A blank screen is no longer a death sentence since you already have a rough outline and organized thoughts.

Getting from ideas in your head to words on a page can feel like a big leap. Using a step like talking through your ideas out loud can bridge the gap and help you write blog posts more efficiently. What do you do to remember your ideas and organize them for blog posts?

photo credit: martinak15 via photopin cc