Yesterday was that moment you wanted a new website. Today you need one.

Amy Barnes coaches people through important decisions and life transformations through personal discovery. After attending several of our seminars, she was fired up about encouraging people online with a blog for her business. Since she was already offering services as InnerOutcomes, she quickly needed a place online to begin directing people. Amy was past wanting a website. She needed one yesterday. But web development and the creative process doesn’t work quite that way.

Fortunately, we could propose a solution that offered immediate access to some valuable web marketing tools while the web design and further copy editing took place.

As a first step, we helped Amy purchase a domain name and hosting package. Then we installed our own minimal version of a WordPress default theme, wrapped in her branding. Amy immediately posted her the webpage content she’d already written and began actively blogging. Meanwhile, all the dust and mess of web design happened on our separate development website.

After the new WordPress theme was approved, it was a simple matter to install it on the WordPress installation Amy was was already using. All of her content clicked into place with the new theme after a few adjustments. There was minimal downtime, and Amy’s blogging workflow was not disrupted at all. The flexibility of the WordPress platform let us offer her the website tools she needed right now along while we worked with her to polish a more detailed web design.

Check out to view our customized WordPress theme integrated with Amy’s own content and personal touches.



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