Does your web design grow with you? What happens if your brand expands? Can you easily change your website?

EPTworks offers education and consultations in holistic healing. They help people process difficult feelings and experiences and let go of negative emotions. Students purchase class materials and register for seminars through the website. Roundpeg designed the first EPTworks WordPress website several years ago, incorporating e-commerce and Eventbrite event registration. This set-up performed well for a time, but web design styles change rapidly, WordPress releases ever more frequent updates and EPTworks is expanding its audience.

You need the flexibility to refresh your website without starting from scratch. With WordPress, your pages and blog posts are stored in a database separate from the web design files. This means a new web design can be applied at any time without disturbing the carefully constructed content.

For EPTworks, we dramatically improved their website with three key upgrades–all with no disruption to their operations or web traffic.

  • Upgraded WordPress and theme code base – Recent updates provide a slick and refined user interface and it’s easier than ever to add visual content to your blog posts. By applying a new theme, the entire look and feel of the EPTworks website immediately improved.
  • Upgraded to WooCommerce shopping tool – This cutting-edge e-commerce solution lets EPTworks easily sell products and manage customer orders from within their own website.
  • Redesigned homepage – With help from a professional photographer, we added beautiful images to the homepage. Free downloads, resources and other calls to action were reorganized into a useful sidebar and eye-catching footer.

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This website was designed by Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing strategy firm.