Niche Marketing for Trade Shows

When it comes to print media, I typically suggest small businesses make fairly generic pieces. While normally we’re all in favor of customizing and targeting as narrowly as possible, it makes financial sense to have one or two print pieces that can be used across multiple niches and supplement with more specific online material. There are, however, a few exceptions, like the series of pieces we created recently for Polleo Systems, an Indianapolis-based cloud hosting company.

Polleo is planning to attend a conference in January in a very small, specific niche. They wanted to really demonstrate their expertise in this particular business sector, not send a generic message. We considered a number of ideas for collateral which would be specifically relevant for the target audience, a group of business owners in the logistics industry.

In addition to their display, Polleo is sponsoring a luncheon to really grab the attention of conference attendees. We love having a captive audience, and this is a fantastic opportunity for Polleo to strut their stuff and demonstrate how well they know the logistics industry. Our plan was to produce only a limited quantity of the flyers and table tent (featured in the center and far right of the graphic below) with messages focused on the needs of that audience. We had fun playing with a theme of traffic lights, along with invitations to come visit the booth once they’d finished enjoying their Polleo-sponsored lunch.

The pop-up display (shown on the far left of the graphic) will be used again and again at other tradeshows, so the message is more generic. Despite the slightly different focus, each element shares a consistent look and feel. They work well independently or as part of a set reinforcing Polleo’s expertise as a leading provider of cloud computing services.