by Tina Imperial

It’s November already and my internship is over. Time flies, right?  It wasn’t that long ago when I was anxiously counting down the days until I could start at Roundpeg. While waiting, I took in everything the Roundpeg website, Facebook page and Twitter feed had to offer. Who were the people behind the practical advice and cats?

Now, given my four-month peek behind the curtain, I can see why they’re so good at what they do. They’re a group of smart and talented people who genuinely care about their clients.  There’s an art to familiarizing yourself with a client and getting to the heart of what they need.  It’s hard work , but they make it look easy.

I’m leaving with a better understanding of what a real, custom social media strategy looks like as well as knowledge of the cool tools that put it into effect. Thanks for letting me hang out at Roundpeg.