Make Your Web Design Work For You Instead of Just Sitting There

There are two types of web design. One is the design that envelopes written content, images, video and interactive content like shopping carts and web applications. The other type of design is the couch potato, “hey, here’s the phone number and that’s about it, call now whydoncha.”

Which would you rather be? A website can be so much more than an online business card. Midwest Telephone Company, Inc. found that their old design did one thing really well. Sitting still. Like an old-fashioned Yellow Pages ad, there was limited customer engagement and limited opportunity for expansion. When Midwest updated their logo and brand, they found the website locked-down. No updates without a total redesign. They were boxed-in.

The new adds a powerful WordPress blog, WooCommerce shopping cart for online purchases and new SEO optimized web copy. And Midwest Telephone can change all of it, any time, with just a few clicks.

With WooCommerce, the website offers online sales of essential business telephone system products. While Midwest Telephone is primarily a physical service provider, featuring select products online gives current customers a convenient purchasing option and helps the company gain new business with customers accustomed to shopping online.

More than just a place to display a toll-free phone number, the new website works for Midwest Telephone like an extension of their sales and service department. There’s no use building a website to gather dust. Put it to work.

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