I was excited when ComedySportz approached us about rebuilding their website. I am a long-time fan of the local improv club, so I understood the experience and feeling they were trying to bring to their website.

As we kicked off the project, it was important to keep my enthusiasm for the product in check, because even though an evening at ComedySportz is fun,  filling the house for each performance is serious business. Our challenge was to build a website which accomplished multiple goals: introducing a wider audience to their product, conveying the sense of energy and fun they bring to each performance and driving people to buy tickets and book corporate events.

Where the project started:

They had a basic site  built on a WordPress platform by one of their former cast members. Unfortunately, the cast member left  before all the elements were fully functional and no one else on their team had the expertise to finish the task. But at least we had a starting point.

In addition, ComedySportz is part of an international network of comedy clubs, so we had several good examples to use for inspiration.

While we were working on the functionality, we gave our client the task of finding pictures. As you look at the final site, it is these images which bring the site to life. The rotating banners are strong action shots, but my favorite part of the site is the ensemble gallery, where each performer’s unique style comes through loud and clear from their individual photo. If you check out the gallery, be sure to click on your favorite images to see the complete photo.

Then buy a ticket to see what they look like in motion!

Comedy Sportz Indianapolis


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